Friday, September 26, 2008

Pierre-Jean Room #4131

Pierre-Jean is an extremely skilled photographer from France. Born in 1977, Pierre-Jean had always loved photography and started taking pictures with his father's camera as a child. Pierre-Jean does a lot of different photography work including waterscape, flowers, sand, and urban environments. All Pierre-Jean's photographs are in black and white and also include a lot of structural lines and symmetry. 
I chose this photograph because the composition really intrigued me and made me want to take a picture with structural lines and an interesting contrast in the photograph. 
In this photography, Room #4131 by Pierre-Jean, the fluidness of the picture draws your eye to the door at the end of the hall. The lighting in the hallway casts a lot of interesting shadows that give the hotel almost a haunted look. Pierre-Jean's direct approach to the photograph is highly effective because the image portrays a story without any added elements. The geometric shape of the hallway as well as the walls and baseboard adds to the picture with the structured lines. The symmetrical balance in the photograph provides intrigue to the onlooker. Since the central focus is on the door at the end of the hall, the eye focuses on that before the rest of the photograph. The contrast between the walls and the carpet, as well as the light and dark places on the ceiling from the lights, makes the picture strong. The framing is powerful because it makes it seem as though the hallway continues on for eternity. The vantage point at one end of the hallway really accents the structural elements of the photograph.
I believe this photograph was extremely effective in drawing in the viewer's attention. The elements are very strong overall and it inspires me to take pictures like this one.